Individual educational strategy for 15-17 years old teenagers
Step by Step
We help to choose a university program
and prepare for admission
Usually this strategy matches the A-Level, IB or 10-11 grades of the school.

By this time teenagers have a more conscious interest in certain professional roles and industries. It's important to confirm their choice, find suitable programs at universities, form a "personal brand" for university admission, prepare for exams, write a series of motivational letters, prepare documents, and send applications.
Strategy Features
It is created by the pedagogical council: a tutor, a methodologist, a strategist for admission, experts in international cultural and educational exchange.
After approval, we develop a detailed schedule with educational events and dates
One of the customer options
We carefully analyze the pros and cons
We draw up a comprehensive portrait of the student to design an educational route, identify leading types of activities for future work, competencies, motivation, type of thinking, select a teaching methodology that will make it easy and interesting to study, choose a program at the university, extracurricular activities, and teachers.
Child's talent exploration
We help the teenager confirm their choice of first profession, gain competitive advantages over other applicants at the stage of admission, work out a bright and individual application, as well as prepare them for university studies.
Portfolio creation
We help evaluate programs at universities according to important criteria for the applicant, define a shortlist for application submission (dream list, target, safe choice), organize university visits, help with the collection of documents according to the requirements of the university, and assist with sending applications through the UCAS, CommonApp and other portals.
Choosing a program at the university, helping to organize tours and send applications
We help the teenager develop soft skills, better understand themselves, achieve set goals in school and beyond, and maintain motivation for learning.
Mentor Support
We conduct diagnostics on subjects to assess the possibility of admission to selected programs at universities, we design an additional academic program and its intensity to build up the necessary level and successfully pass final and entrance exams.
Preparation for exams, changing the curriculum
Elements of strategy for 15-17 years old teenagers
How it works in practice
Our applicant chooses not a university, but a program that suits them according to 20+ criteria (location, curriculum, profiles of professors, etc.). As a result of the research, the applicant has a shortlist to which they sends applications (dream, target, safe choice). We show and tell the applicant about the most non-standard programs if we understand that they meet the criteria.
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