Individual educational strategy for teenagers aged 13-15
Step by Step
We guide them through the myriad of professional roles and industries, improve school performance, and participate in cultural exchange.
Typically, this strategy coincides with GCSEs, year 8 or year 9. Teenagers start to crave self-identification in the professional realm - what to pursue, where to go for further studies after school, what will be relevant in the future. University is still a few years away and there is time to try out different professional roles and industries, make informed decisions on subjects for the final exams, and experience studying abroad.
Strategy Features
It's crafted by the Pedagogical Council: a mentor, methodologist, admission strategist, experts in international cultural and educational exchange.
After approval, we develop a detailed schedule with educational events and dates
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We carefully analyze the pros and cons
We compose a comprehensive portrait of the student to design an educational path, identify leading types of activities for future work, competencies, motivation, select a teaching methodology that will make learning easy and interesting, choose a school, courses, extracurricular activities, and teachers.
Child's talent exploration
We help the child choose who to become by trying out roles and industries in practice. To clarify interests, we organize educational events with increasing immersion depth: master class, conference, meeting with an expert, internship. We prepare for the events by providing recommendations on audio-visual (cinema, lecture, book) and professional content on social networks, and we conduct a reflection session after the event.
Career self-determination
We individually assist in selecting suitable courses and summer camps by 20+ criteria, important for each individual student. We help with paperwork and getting started in the chosen place.
Assistance in choosing an additional educational courses and summer camps
We help the child develop future skills, achieve goals in and out of school, prepare for educational events and conduct reflection after them, to gain confidence in the initial professional path.
Mentor support
We select the most effective tactic for studying the school program, carry out diagnostics by subjects to assess the possibility of studying abroad.
Improving school performance, changing learning program
Elements of the strategy for teenagers aged 13-15

How it works in practice
Around 10-12 one-hour sessions are necessary. On average, the familiarization process lasts for 6 weeks. If the teenager is resistant to bonding with the tutor, more time is required.
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