Individual academic preparation
Step by Step
We help improve grades in Russian, European or American schools, maintain interest in learning and pass exams successfully
How we work
We clarify the goal that the child has: most often it is support for academic performance, study of individual subjects or preparation for graduation and entrance exams.
We do assessments and thoroughly understand the student's information processing system, ensuring that the curriculum and teaching methodology are personalized to fit the child's needs. This helps to achieve the desired goals within the indicated timeframe.
Based on the results of the tests and acquaintance, we develop an individual study plan, taking into account the child's educational goals, personality traits, and the child's schedule.
We select tutors who can earn trust and authority from the student, explain complex topics and make the subject interesting. We select tutors who can earn trust and authority from the student, explain complex topics and make the subject interesting
Tutors conduct lessons according to the program, using methods that develop interest in the subjects. Lessons that are interesting and understandable motivate to continue learning and get good grades.
We track the learning and preparation process, the quality of interaction between the student and the tutor. If necessary for the result - we adjust the training program and the team of teachers.
We create a connection of theoretical subjects to reality
Mathematics is more interesting to study with examples from the financial sector, chemistry - by learning about pharmaceuticals. Illustrations from real life and professional activity make school program materials vivid and engaging. In scientific language, this is called practice-oriented dual learning.
To maintain interest and look at the familiar with fresh eyes, we change approaches to conducting lessons. For example, we use flipped learning, where children study theory independently, and in lessons with a teacher they do practical tasks.
Why does learning become interesting?

We teach differently
The child and his individual needs are at the center
We select the teaching methodology, the format of lessons, the pace of classes, and other parameters, focusing on the peculiarities of information perception, interests, temperament, personality, and special needs of the child.
We select programs and methods so that children achieve the necessary results in their studies, harmoniously combining this activity with comprehensive development, life in society, and rest.
Harmony of efforts, results, and environment
Humanistic approach and focus on the individual

We prepare for exams

Step by Step teachers have experience preparing for graduation and entrance exams in different countries, they have experience working on GCSE, IELTS, A-Level, IB exam boards.

Based on this knowledge, experts design individual transition programs for the child to study in another country.

For example, children studying in Russian schools according to the Federal State Educational Standard need to additionally go through the Foundation program or grade 12 in school to enter a British university.
Who teaches?
Examiners, consultants, heads of studies, experienced teachers and young tutors who are passionate about their profession.
Experienced and energetic educators with international experience and extensive knowledge in their field.
Russian-speaking teachers and native speakers in English language, maths, and science disciplines.
Masters in teaching according to national standards FGOS, GCSE, A-Level and others.
We have 40+ highly professional teachers. These are very different specialists and personalities, full of enthusiasm and motivation, inspiration and aspiration forward so that their students achieve their goals.
Bachelors and Masters
Materials science, microbiology, economics, business management, drama, theatre directing, international relations, rocketry, philosophy, biochemistry, computer science, literary studies, pedagogy, history, and etc.
Worked in schools
"Letovo", Lyceum "NIU VSHR", VEBIUM, Queen Ethelburga's, Seven Oaks, Harrow School, Kingsbury High School, Dwight School London, El Limonar School, International School Como, Kaplan school, International School of Ticino
Taught abroad
In the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Poland, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malawi, Australia, Peru, Costa Rica, and the USA.
It's important to us that the student-teacher pair is matched considering their psychological characteristics to create a "chemistry" - an intangible unity that greatly influences adolescent motivation.
To achieve this, we carefully select tutors for each student:
Individual Tutor Selection
We study the children's personality and temperament, creating criteria for choosing a tutor for them;
We select candidates based on professional competencies, education, experience, and temperament;
We use reviews from students, parents, and tutors;
We conduct trial lessons.
Who else helps with learning?
Coordinates the schedules of the teacher and student, directs links to online classes, collects feedback and impressions from the student and teacher, prepares reports on the results of the work, conveys information to the methodologist and tutor.
Reflects the student's educational experience with them, advises the methodologist, project manager, and tutors on how to structure the work most effectively, based on the psychological state of the student.
Designs the program of lessons with a tutor, based on the goal, recommends the number of lessons and their intensity. Tracks success through the project manager's reports and adjusts the study program during the learning process.
Project Manager
It depends on the curriculum in school or university and the competencies of the child. We study educational programs and conduct subject diagnostics. Usually, this is English, Mathematics, and Science.
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