We create and implement individual educational strategies for teenagers
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An individual educational strategy
is a set of options for the holistic development of a child's skills, knowledge, and personality for a successful future.
We base it on the teenager's interests, skills, and predispositions and the family's educational goals. We use 20+ interest diagnostic tools.
We offer experiential learning with contemporary roles in various industries to determine priority areas of learning.
We utilize research findings and modern scientific approaches to education.
We assist with informed choice of universities based on 20+ criteria and prepare for admissions.
We constantly search for ways to maintain interest in learning and tackle challenges at school.
We select the most effective methods of acquiring and generating knowledge, developing 4K skills, and offering an exciting extracurricular experiences.
The educational strategy will help:
For 11-13 years old students
Expand horizons and restore interest in learning
For 13-15 years old students
Find interesting professions, improve academic performance
For 15-17 years old students
Assist with informed choice of universities and prepare for admissions
Learn about temperament and interests, developed skills, and personality traits, appropriate motivation methods, and professional roles the child is predisposed to.
Improve school performance with a tutor who considers the child's interests and features.
of individual educational strategy

Research into the child's temperament and talents
Engaging lessons in school subjects
We focus on the child's interests and temperament and create school subject programs. We select tutors who connect well with the child and make lessons engaging. This helps make complex subjects easier and school topics more appealing.
Let your child develop future skills, achieve school and extracurricular goals, and grow personally under the guidance of a personal mentor.
Mentor support
A personal mentor always stays connected with the child and parents. Mentors teach how to reflect on experience, help develop future skills - creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, and communication. They demonstrate progress and provide recommendations to parents in a weekly highlight reports.
Career navigation
We compose a comprehensive portrait of the student to design an educational path, choose a teaching methodology that will make learning easy and interesting, and select the school, additional activities, and teachers
We study interests and introduce industries and areas where these can be applied. We arrange internships and interactions with professionals from chosen fields to refine interests and select educational programs.
For those who have already chosen a direction, we organize internships and projects in their areas of interest to prepare a portfolio and stand out when applying to university.
Help your child choose their future path by trying out various industries and roles in practice. Assist your teenager in creating a project portfolio in their chosen field, which will help them stand out when applying to universities.
We help choose an university based on dozens of parameters and prepare for admissions to the desired programme.
Assistance with informed choice of universities
We consider the child's interests and individual criteria for choosing an educational institution. We suggest suitable university programmes and organise visits to selected universities. We assist in preparing a project portfolio for admissions, making an application, and integrating to the chosen place.
Step by Step
is a proprietary school
Advisory Board:
We adhere to a holistic approach, designing education for children. This way, we help children achieve their goals and follow their interests towards a fulfilling self-realization in the future.
Polina Maltseva,
one of the Letovo School founders
Sonya Smyslova,
co-founder and curator of School of Education
We involve like-minded individuals in creating strategies. They are young, energetic tutors and mentors, experienced methodologists, admissions strategists, and experts in international cultural and educational exchange.
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